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Brandon Bond

Brandon is a seasoned and accomplished real estate professional, with deep roots in the heart of North East Texas. Born and raised in the historic town of Paris, Texas, he has a profound understanding of the local real estate landscape. Brandon's journey into the world of real estate was a unique one. After graduating from the University of North Texas (U.N.T.) with a bachelor’s degree in science, he embarked on a nearly 20-year-long career in the transportation industry. He worked with renowned companies such as UPS, LoneStar Overnight, Ben E. Keith, and WePack Logistics, where he honed his skills in logistics, organization, and customer service – qualities that have proven invaluable in his real estate career. In 2017, Brandon made a pivotal decision to transition into real estate by becoming an Appraiser-Trainee. During this time, he received hands-on experience in what is needed to determine property value, marking the beginning of his journey in the real estate world. In 2019, he took the leap and became a Realtor, quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Brandon's real estate success can be attributed to his innovative approach. He is known for his creative marketing strategies, including original captivating listing videos that make properties stand out in the market. His ability to tell a property's story through visuals and words has set him apart as a realtor who goes the extra mile for his clients. On a personal note, Brandon is a family man. He married his high school sweetheart, Kara, and together they have four wonderful children – Skyler, Ezra, Elvis, and Samson. They enjoy spending quality time outdoors, traveling and exploring the U.S., while residing in their favorite state, Texas. Brandon is also passionate about music festivals, health, and fitness. His determination and drive extend beyond the real estate realm; he's a Spartan Tri-fecta qualifier, a testament to his dedication to fitness and challenges. Brandon's interests are as diverse as his talents. He is not only a successful real estate professional but also a restaurant owner, musician, and an amateur comedian (Dad jokes). His ability to juggle various roles showcases his versatile and dynamic personality. In the world of real estate, Brandon specializes in Seller representation and is renowned for being a creative listing agent. His expertise in innovative marketing, coupled with his extensive network and knowledge of the local market, makes him a top choice for clients looking to sell their properties. Brandon is not just a real estate agent; he's a multifaceted individual with a deep commitment to his clients and his community. His passion for real estate, coupled with his honest, genuine spirit and dedication, ensures that clients receive unparalleled service when working with him. Brandon is truly a standout figure in the North East Texas real estate scene.

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